Robert C. Macaulay, CFP®

Founder & Managing Principal

Rob has worked in the Wealth Advisory profession for over 30 years. He has built a successful investment management practice and a respected life-centered financial planning firm. As your Wealth Advisor, he will coordinate the financial planning process for you. Rob will help you to identify your goals and he will work with you to implement a series of strategies that will help you to realize your vision for the future.

Professional Experience

Over the years, Rob has built a successful investment management practice and a respected life-centered financial planning firm. He now devotes much of his professional time to a select group of families who are looking to.

  • Live the best life they can with the money they have
  • Commit to a responsible investment process
  • Be more intentional and efficient when deploying their time & resources
  • Truly know their relationship with money prior to attempting to navigate the path toward their ideal lifestyle
  • Build out a highly trained support system that stands ready to deploy at the first sign of trouble

His planning clients now range from pre-retiree's, business owners and corporate executives to family matriarchs/patriarchs trying to ensure that legacy planning isn't just about the money but also about passing on the stories, habits and the belief system that helped create their wealth in the first place.


Rob graduated from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with a BBA in 1988.  After dedicating over 10 years to getting fully licensed and established within the investment advisory business, as well as getting his young family off the ground, the need for continued education and improvement became crystal clear. Rob obtained his CFP in 2004 and has made a point to always be working on additional certifications & designations since.

Just a few of the certifications that Rob is most proud of are the CeFT - Certified Financial Transitionist, RICP - Retirement Income Certified Professional, Certification in Preparing Heirs and is presently finishing up casework for the BeXP - Business Exit Planning Professional. The knowledge accumulated in these various specialties was a key to the framing and build out of our proprietary Brick House Planning Process™.

Personal Information

Rob is married to Debbie Macaulay (29+ years). Debbie is a talented photographer and generally creative person in her own right. They have three children and, at one time or another seem to have provided a home to every type of animal that you can legally have as a pet in the US.

Rob spends much of his free time doing his best to stay active, both around his home in Newtown, PA or Southwest Florida which has become a second home.

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